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            Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question: I am a South African Citizen and do not have a valid SA passport. Can I enter South Africa with the foreign passport?

Answer: South African citizens (over the age of 18) may not make use of foreign passports to enter/exit South Africa unless it has been determined that they are not entitled to South African citizenship or have renounced it.

If such a citizen makes use of a foreign passport whilst being a South African Citizen he/she may be informed and warned by Immigration Officers that they would be in contravention of the Citizenship Amendment Act of which states that major (over the age of 18) South African Citizens may not make use of foreign passports to enter/exit from the Republic of South Africa. This office would not provide permission for travel making use of a foreign passport; however, if anyone chooses do so it will be on their own accord. Immigration Officers would have the discretion to enforce this legislation and where there is proof of an application for a South African passport may choose to only issue a warning.

Please also note that South African citizens by birth may not be refused entry into South Africa.

South African citizens are at all times advised by this office to ensure that their South African Passports are valid and that applications are submitted timeously (we recommend 12 months before expiry) as the application process takes 6 (six)  months.

Question: What do I have to do to apply for my South African Driver’s License?

Answer: The issuing of South African Driver’s License is administered by the Department of Transport or you can visit the following link to get more information

               Application for South African Driving License. or write to

Department of Transport

Private Bag X 193,

Pretoria, 0001,

South Africa.

Fax No. 0027 12 324 3486

Telephone No. 0027 12 309 3000

Website: Department of Transport

Question: I have lost my South African passport and wish to apply for a new passport. What are the requirements and will my UK visa/permit be placed in my new passport.

Answer: Click on the left hand side for the appropriate passport topic. Our office is only responsible for the processing and issuing of your South African passport. You would need to contact the UK Home Office to obtain a replacement visa/permit.

Question: My Mother/Father/Grandmother/Grandfather/relative is a UK National, may I apply for a UK residence permit/work permit.

Answer: We are not in a position to answer questions relating to your residence rights in the UK. You would need to contact the UK Home Office.

Question: I have a South African passport and a valid ancestry visa/holiday -working visa. I want to travel to Germany for holiday/business purposes. Do I need a visa?

Answer: We are not in a position to answer any questions relating to obtaining visas/permits for any other country. You would need to contact the Embassy/High Commission/Mission of the country you wish to visit in order to confirm if you need a Visa, etc.

Question: I hold a UK passport and my fiancé holds a French passport. We are planning to go to South Africa on holiday and to get married. What are the requirements for foreigners wishing to get married in South Africa?

Answer: Other than visa and entry requirements for South Africa, clients need to contact the Marriage Officer (Priest, Vicar etc.) directly to confirm if there are any additional requirements that must be met.

Question: I need to apply for a new passport through your office. Do you keep my old passport whilst the application is processed?

Answer: NO, we do not keep your current passport. We only require a copy of your passport.

Question: I got married in the United Kingdom, what do I need to register my marriage in South Africa?

Answer: By applying for a new passport under your married name, you are automatically registering your marriage, as you would need to submit your Marriage Certificate. If you only wish to register your marriage without applying for a new passport, then you must submit the following documents:

Certified copy of your Marriage Certificate (If married outside South Africa,  marriage certificate must be legalized with an apostille attached)

Certified copy of your Passport or ID.

NB: DHA-73 & DHA-9; Application forms for South African Passports cannot be downloaded from this web site. Applicants requiring forms for postal application purposes must send an A4 self-addressed stamped (1st class large postage stamp) envelope  per applicant to 15 Whitehall, London, SW1A 2 DD with a note requesting the forms. Forms will not be posted where the size of the envelope and the amount of the stamp are not appropriate due to postal services restrictions

Office of Department of Home Affairs

15 Whitehall

London, SW1A 2DD

Phone: +44 (0) 20 7925 8900



Update: 15/08/2019