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           Renunciation of South African Citizenship


1. A South African Citizen who has the citizenship or nationality of another country can apply to renounce his/her South African citizenship.

2. A South African Citizen by birth or decent in respect of whom a declaration of renunciation is registered shall cease to be a South African citizen but will retain his or her right of permanent residence.


The office dealing with South African passport holders will be opened from 08h45 to 12h45 Monday to Friday except on public holidays. Collections will be from

08h45 - 12h45

N.B: No appointments necessary; this is a walk in service. Incomplete application will not be accepted.


1. All forms must be completed in BLACK INK and BLOCK LETTERS

2. Certified copies of passport & identity document issued by South Africa

3. Recently issued certificate not a travel document or birth certificate confirming claim to foreign citizenship (as per the instruction on the BI-246)

4. Application Forms BI-246 x 2 must be completed.

NB: For legal reasons, this form cannot be downloaded. Send an A4 stamped self-address envelope to obtain the form to:

 The Consul,

South African High Commission,

Home Affairs Consular Section,

15 Whitehall,


or alternatively, forms can be collected during our opening hours.

5. Application forms bi-529 must be fully completed. Certified copies of passport must be produced.

6. Letter of motivation confirming reasons for renunciation.

7. There are no application fees applicable.

8. Processing time always exceeds 12 months

Page updated 25/01/2019